About ShotMasters

ShotMasters is not your typical 1-hour podcast. These are long in-depth conversations with the world's best photographers. There's so much I want to know. How do they win highly contested competitions? How do they plan their trips, explore new landscapes, and find unique compositions? How do they color grade? How are they using social media? We cover everything from tactics, techniques, mindsets and strategies to artistic philosophies, and even practical topics like balancing photography and family life.

The editing sessions are a blast. I give them a photo they have never seen and we get to see what they do with it. Sometimes different photographers will edit the same photo so you can see the different approaches they take. These are only available to
subscribers–don't miss out!

I’m immensely grateful to the photographers who've been so generous in sharing their secrets. Make the most of it!

Swami Venkataramani‍